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We act as an independent supplier of technology – product and process innovations customized to your needs and your environment leading to your sustainable and future-oriented solution.


We advise you only in areas where we are one of the leading companies. Years of experience and know how on the state of the art of technology help you to bring your company with the help of ProGrit at the top and keep it there.


At the beginning there stands the trust. Your confidence in our work allows us to understand and analyze exactly your needs. The exact understanding of your needs combined with our experience and know how results in a customized solution for your business.

Customer focus

Each company is different- the products and services of ProGrit too. Make profit out of customized and optimized target solutions, which solve problems where they should do.

Innovation and Invention

The daily competition with the limits of technology, combined with the push towards effective and efficient solution lead to a powerful innovation force and an extraordinary innovation success. Solutions developed out of these tension give your company new impulses.


We have high demands on the quality of our work and our developed and implemented solutions. Quality means to us: Detailed analysis of the actual situation, careful development and implementation of accurate solutions, documentation of every single step, continuous monitoring and check of results.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency characterize the working principle of ProGrit. We use your capabilities and resources responsibly and economically.


Our goal is the measurable success for your company. Our mission is completed when we have reached or exceed your requirements.

Your success is our goal!

ProGrit GmbH
  • Kastellstrasse 6 · 8623 Wetzikon / Switzerland ·
  • Tel: +41 (0)44 844 54 26 ·