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System Supplier – Technologie Out of One Hand

Full System Supplier – Technology out of one Hand

ProGrit is the leading system supplier for the realization of your projects. We guarantee a consistent, tight and efficient project management – from the analysis of the actual situation, the definition of the target, from concurrent engineering over the prototyping and pilot series processing to implementation and processing support for the starting of the production. Integral thinking, process oriented working and focusing on the essential points characterizes our consulting & engineering services: Total Cost of Ownership and Customer Added Value.

Pioneers in production technology

The future has begun. Decreasing batch sizes, constantly rising demands on precision and increased cost pressure need new solutions for manufacturing processes. Regarding the target we constantly questioning production processes in terms of cost, time, quality and environment. Our answers to them are reflected in our products and process technologies for your sustainable benefit.

With our innovative and to each other suited clamping and measurement solutions, we are the leading partner for the powder compacting industry for the compacting of metal and ceramic powders.

From the technology leader for measuring and reference clamping system for the powder compacting, ProGrit develops itself with a high rate of innovation speed to a global systems integrator of consistently and integrated process chains. Thus we are creating a sustainable customer value. We focus worldwide as a service provider and systems supplier on the integration of reference clamping systems in production processes, which are characterized by very high process forces, high demands on accuracy and extraordinary complexity.

Discover the solutions of ProGrit – future oriented, integrated and consistend – innovative and reliable.

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  • Tel: +41 (0)44 844 54 26 ·