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TPS-3i Tooling Positioning System


Highest precision combined with a very easy user interface allowing a fast and a high precision alignment of the reference clamping systems to each other in the range of an accuracy of 1/10 micron and 1 arc second.

Optimized and to the TPS-3i measurement technology adapted measurement tools and adjustment fixtures are used for a rapid and accurate shifting of the reference clamping system and guarantee a quick and precise alignment of the reference clamping systems.

The measurement tools are primarily based on a square measurement punch and a square measurement die. The innovative measurement principle compensates automatically variations in the shape and position of the measurement tools as well as in the response temperature.


Following presses, die sets and reference clamping systems are supported:

- Presses and die sets:
Dorst, Erowa, Fette, Kobayashi, Komage, Precision Compacting, Proment, Osterwalder, System 3R°

- Reference clamping systems:
Erowa, ProGrit, System 3R°

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