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MCS Manual Clamping System


Technical Data


Basic Principle MCS Die Chuck

Basic Principle MCS Die

Manual Die Reference Clamping System MCS DM – Clamping of Different Die Designs and Sizes

The manual die clamping systems MCS DM 180/240, MCS DM 240/300 and MCS DM 290/350 can clamp dies in different designs and sizes.

With the help of an adaption the die can also be positioned clamped with the pneumatic clamping system RCS II.

Adaptation RCS II to MCS DM Pallet with SCS K Cones

Adaptation for Refix° to MCS DM Pallet with SCS K Cones

Adaptation of manual MCS DM clamping system to manual Refix° clamping system.

Manual Punch Clamping System MCS PR, MCS PT and MCS PM for Single and Multi Level Application

There are a variety of designs for the manual referenced clamping of one or more punches. The clamping pri-marily works by screws with or without bayonet clamping ring. The positioning is done by the positioning sys-tem Cone SCS K with a positioning accuracy of +/- 0,001 mm. The high compaction forces will be hold by scalable Z0 faces of the MCS clamping systems.

MCS PR for clamping of one punch size

MCS PM for clamping of three punch sizes – small / medium / large

MCS PT for multi level application

Single-Level-Application for Compaction of Iron and Tungsten Carbide Powder up to 1000 Tons Compaction Force

Multi-Level-Application for Compaction of Iron Powder up to 300 Tons Compaction Force

MCS Reference Clamping System for any Shapes

The great advantage of the MCS reference clamping systems is that both, the positioning cone SCS K as well as the clamping screws, can be arranged as desired. Thus, the MCS system is determined not only on round shapes, it could be defined and built for any shapes.

Example of a manual rectangular MCS reference clamping system with the positioning cone SCS K for dies:

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