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PPS Clamping System


Technical Data


Basic Principle PPS Chuck

Types of PPS Reference Clamping Systems

- Pneumatic clamping system PPS with and without positioning system Prism Power P supports the various application cases.

- Different base plates allow the fixation to the press or the machine tool.

PPS Reference Clamping System with Positioning System SCS K for Punches and Dies in any Shape

The PPS reference clamping system can be fixed in a base plate in any number and position. In combination with the positioning cones SCS K, which can also be positioned as desired, a pneumatic reference clamping sys-tem for any shapes for punches and dies can be built.

Example of a pneumatic rectangular punch clamping system based on the combination of a 6 times clamping system PPS C60 with the positioning system SCS K:

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