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APC-4i Adapter Press Calibration System


Presses and die sets have three or more carrier plates which are fixed to the press or the die set and run the reference clamping systems with the compaction tools in vertical direction. The quality of the compacted parts depends on the accuracy and rigidity of the guides and on the angular accuracy and rigidity of the support plates of the press and the die set.

The APC-4i measurement system measures the parallelism (a,b,c) or the angular positions (α,β,γ) of the carrier plates, the compaction tools and the reference clamping systems during the vertical movement. Guidance accu-racy and error in the angular position of the carrier plates are detected, analysed and digitally logged. On the basis of these measurements the geometry of the press and the die set will be corrected according to the calculated correction values from the software and the ProGrit geometry correction technology.

Displacements due to vertical and horizontal forces can be measured and the static rigidity of press and die set can be calculated.

The measurement tools are mainly based on cylindrical measurement pins and a hollow cylindrical measure-ment fixture, which carries the electronic probes. Depending on the placement of the measurement pin and the measuring holder different parts of the press or the die set can be measured and analysed.

Highest precision combined with simple user interface of the APC-4i software allow a quick and optimized measurement of the accurate and static rigidity of press and die set.


Following presses, die sets and reference clamping systems are supported:

- Presses and die sets:
Dorst, Erowa, Fette, Kobayashi, Komage, Precision Compacting, Proment, Osterwalder, System 3R°

- Reference clamping systems:
Erowa, ProGrit, System 3R°

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