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RCS Roller Clamping System


Technical Data


Basic Principle RCS Chuck

Pallets in various sizes can be clamped in the punch and die clamping systems RCS.

RCS Chuck for Single and Multi Level Applications

RCS clamping systems are supplemented by pneumatic core rod clamping systems PRS to a complete Powder Compaction Tooling System.

Chucks with a chamfer are used in multi level applications. Because of the chamfers the press structure is strengthened and the chucks can move closer together, which will shorten the stamp lengths.



Adaptation RCS to PMC and Macro° / Refix°

Adaptation and compensation of filling heights, punch lengths and system sizes – change of reference system.

Adaptation RCS to RCS

Adaptation of punch clamping systems for compensation of filling heights, punch lengths and system sizes.

Compressed air for opening, cleaning and supervising of the adaptation chuck is provided by the base chuck using the Air Dock function. The Air Dock in the base chuck and in the pallet of the adaptation chuck connects the air supply between the both chucks automatically. Optionally, the compressed air can also be supplied radially from the side by hose couplings to the adaptation chuck.

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