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MAS-xi Measurement System for Multi Axial Compaction


Splitted dies or compaction processes with cross punches (opened or clos-ed die) require the positioning of the cross punch or the die segments within a precision of +/- 1 micron to the vertical main compaction axis. This high positional accuracy relative to the main compaction axis is needed for injection of the cross punches in the die or of positioning of the die segments, so that together with the top and bottom punch the cavity will be formed in a perfect and highly precise way.

The MAS-xi measurement system is used for the high precision positioning and set up of cross punches and die segments. With this set up green parts can be compacted free of burr or burr less in a high quality and compaction tool breakage can be avoided.

The following multi axial compaction tool concepts are supported by the MAS–xi measurement system:

For measurement and referencing of cross punches or die segments there are two different possibilities existing. On the one hand, the referencing of the probe can be done directly to a non moving and precise part of the die (only for closed and opened die possible). On the other hand, the referencing of the probe can be done by using an additional reference element, which is either clamped into the bottom punch chuck or the die chuck.

Reference method for different compaction tool concepts:



- Reduction of the referencing time to a few minutes
- Maximizing the compaction quality through adjustment of cross punches and die segments in the accuracy range of + / - 1 micron
- High precise positioning allows the compaction of complex geometries
- Reduction of tool breakage or damage

Following press, die set and reference clamping systems are supported:

- Presses and die sets:
Dorst, Erowa, Fette, Kobayashi, Komage, Precision Compacting, Proment, Osterwalder, System 3R°

- Reference clamping systems:
Erowa, ProGrit, System 3R°

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