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Multi Axial Compaction / Side Compaction


The multi axial compaction system is clearly superior to the MIM manufacturing process in terms of efficiency and accuracy for the majority of complex geometries and can replace the MIM process.

Multi axial compaction can basically be divided into four different sub-methods. All of these sub-methods are supported by the multi-axial compaction system.


The adaptation to the part geometry will be done by the side punch or segments. The die body with the adjustable mechanical stops remains the same within 2 to 6 times arrangement and is used several times

The die body with adjustable mechanical stops is available for 2 to 6 times arrangements and could be also used without these stops. The drive of the side punch or segments can be done by electric or hydraulic drive modules.

The side punch or segments are driven by electric drive modules. There are different sizes available - a small drive module 140 with 3-5 tons compaction force, a bigger drive module 160 with 6-7 tons of compaction force and drives modules up to 17 tons on request. For the 6 times arrangement only the small module 140 with 3-5 tons compaction force is usable.

The electric drive modules are characterized by their very high forces and velocities and the very high posit-ioning accuracy and optional piezoelectric force measurement.

The side punches and segments may be driven by hydraulic drives alternatively.

The drive modules can be integrated into any press control. For stand-alone applications ProGrit provides a complete control for the drive modules.

The die body with adjustable mechanical stops and the side punches or segments is positioned fixed on the changeable plate MCS C260 by the positioning system SCS K within +/- 0.001 mm to the vertical press axis.

Multi axial compaction system with changeable plate concept MCS C260:

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