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TCQ Tooling Calibration Quality System


The measurement of the fitting between upper and lower punch to the die delivers qualitative statements about

- Fitting accuracy / clearance between punch and die
- Actual wear situation in the system punch and die

The measurement and storage of the relevant data for the compaction process

- Compaction heights and positions for top and bottom punch
- Length and injection position for top punch
- Length and ejection position for bottom punch
- Length core rod

are used for quick and reliable setup of the press.

The measurement and analysis of all the data is done automatically by the control and the measurement software. These data can optionally be linked to the compaction tools by an identification system (RFID, ...) and stored in a database.

The TCQ system is usable for market known reference clamping systems and also supports multi axial compac-tion tools – closed, opened and splitted die.

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